WP Mobile Menu Premium 2.7

We have been busy in the last months by releasing the 2.7 Free version and preparing a “super” update on the Premium version of WP Mobile Menu.
All the new features released in the WP Mobile Menu 2.7 Free version were included in the Premium versions.
A lot of new interesting features were added to the Premium versions of WP Mobile Menu (Business and Professional), making it even easier to achieve the perfect Mobile Menu in a WordPress or ClassicPress site.

Sliding Menus

The Sliding Menus provides an easy way to navigate deeper in the submenus hierarchy.  

The animation was captured from our Shop Demo 

This new option it’s located in General options -> Miscelaneous Options


Animated Icons

The Animated Icons was another feature request that several people were asking about.

This new option it’s located in the Left or Right Menu options -> Icon Type.

Header Live Search

Now if you enable the Live Search mode you will get autocomplete suggestion while you type.

This new option it’s located in Header Tab -> Header Search Options

Export/Import Settings and Demo Content

I’m saving this one for last. It’s a huge lifesaver to export and import your settings of WP Mobile Menu. This is really useful when you develop in a staging site and want to apply the settings of WP Mobile Menu in a production site.

It also helps if you want to replicate a current settings of a website in a new website development, this will speed up the time you need to deal with your WordPress Mobile Menu.

This new option it’s located at the bottom of the General Options tab.

Export Mobile Menu Settings

Import Settings or Demo content

If you are starting your WordPress Mobile Menu from scratch then you can import one of the available Demos. This imports the settings of the demos, no images or any kind of assets are transfered during this process.

In the same screen at the bottom you can also import the settings file that was previously exported from another site with WP Mobile Menu.

We hope you enjoy this new features along with the already existent ones.

Bellow or in this link you will find  the changelog of the changes in this new 2.7 version of WP Mobile Menu Premium.

New Features

  • Sliding Menus.
  • Animated Icons.
  • Header Live Search.
  • Show only WooCommerce products in the header search.
  • Load only in Mobile devices.
  • Menu Items Border.
  • Import and export options.
  • Import Demo content from Business and Professional demos.


  • Added Menu Locations so the menus are easily translated.
  • Translation Domain was updated to the correct one.
  • Performance fix by reducing the number of database queries in the frontend.

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